Saturday, January 31, 2009


Most of the topics for newspapers, magazines, talk radio, and other media for the New Year has to do with loosing weight, eating healthy, and exercising. These topics bring loads of advertisements for such things as diet books, diet foods and loads of weight loss products, whole food products, along with exercising equipment to keep in shape.
All of this to help us to live and eat healthier so that we can be physically fit.
But what about our spiritual fitness? We are not just physical beings. We are spiritual beings as well and need to address the needs of our spiritual nature.
To be spiritually fit we have to feed our spiritual nature with spiritual food and do spiritual exercises. Spiritual fitness also involves spiritual training and spiritual discipline.
As we take care of the physical, let us not forget the spiritual as well. One of our spiritual exercises is walking by faith. Unlike physical walking where we can see where we are going, spiritual walking is by faith and not by sight.(2 Cor.5:7). Walking by faith is believing God’s promises will be fulfilled even when we can’t see them. With the gloomy situation that the world is in today, we need spiritual fitness more now then we ever did before. Having a healthy spiritual life will also help us with our physical fitness.
My book: The Christian Olympics: Going for the Gold Crowns can help you to become spiritually fit. You will discover other spiritual exercises that are beneficial to your spiritual life. In times like these we cannot survive. without spiritual fitness. Get On Your Mark, Get Set, And LET’S GET SPIRITUALLY FIT !!!

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