Saturday, June 14, 2014


The 2014 Special Olympics USA Games will be held from June 14-21 in Princeton,NJ.
The Olympic Torch has arrived to Newark NJ,just in time for the Opening Ceremony on Sunday.
Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver,it is the largest sports organization in the world for people with intellectual disabilities.
The Special Olympics is a movement of sports training and athletic competition for those that have intellectual disabilities. Shriver believed that people with intellectual disabilities deserve the same opportunities and experiences as others.
No matter what the disability, a person still has a talent, a skill, and a gift given to him or her by God to share with the world when encouraged doing so.
 Using sports as a display of abilities brings about respect, acceptance and inclusion. Persons with disabilities benefit by seeing in themselves that they too have talents and it helps them to feel better about themselves. It also serves as a teaching tool to those who may have thought that disabled people were useless until they were afforded the opportunities to witness their grand performances.
But in the Christian Olympics, there are no differences between those that are disabled and those that are not.We are all in one big competition together.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

THE CHRISTIAN OLYMPICS: Today-The Anniversary of the Christian Olympics

THE CHRISTIAN OLYMPICS: Today-The Anniversary of the Christian Olympics

Today-The Anniversary of the Christian Olympics

The very first Olympic Game,known as the Ancient Olympics,began about 776 B.C. in Olympia, Greece.The Olympic Games were held every four years which is known as an Olympiad.The Games continued until it ended about 393 A.D.You can find many references of the these games in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.But did you know that there are references to these games in the Old Testament as well.
The Modern Olympic Games began in the summer of 1896 in Athens,Greece.And the Winter Olympics were added in 1924.In 1994 the Summer and Winter Olympics were no longer held in the same year,they were separated so that they could be two years apart.
A flame of fire was always lit when the Games began,but the Torch Relay was something that was added to the Modern Olympics.
Today, June 8,2014, is the Anniversary of the Christian Olympics. The Christian Olympics began with the fire that symbolized the Holy Spirit's coming. which started in Jerusalem over 2000 years ago on the Day of Pentecost(Acts 2).
And just as the athletes in the Olympics come from all over the world to one location for the Olympic Games, there was another large  gathering on the Day of Pentecost.Men out of every nation under heaven were gathered together in one place for the Opening Ceremony of the Christian Olympics.