Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pastor Ed Young's Sexperiment

In sports, athletes always develop a game plan so that they can win their competitions.
They know that they cannot possibly win without first getting a strategy together so that they can figure out how they can beat their opponents. They would never go into a game empty handed without a plan and expect to win.
It is the same way for Christians, as spiritual athletes, we have to develop a game plan or strategies so that we can win our competitions. This is so important to the spiritual athlete that I devoted chapter 4, in my book: The Christian Olympics: Going for the Gold Crowns, to address how to plan strategies. Even when it comes to sexual temptations for Christians, a strategic plan must be in place in order to resist our competitor Satan, who tempts us to commit sexual sins.
We don’t have to look very far to find a strategic plan to win our competitions. God would never leave us to be clueless, become frantic, and wonder what we should do. He has given us His Word, the Bible, and if we carefully search the scriptures, we will find His strategic plans. The strategic plan for winning the wrestling match with sexual temptation for the married(a man and a woman) is found in 1 Corinthians. 7:3-5
These verses teach that married couples are to have sexual relations regularly and continuously. It is suppose to be a part of married life as eating and sleeping. It is in God’s plan that married couples would never deny each other of their sexual union together unless it is agreed upon by both and only for a short time for fasting and prayer.
Why does God want married couples to have sex regularly?
That answer is found in verse 5 where we find the word ‘’. The meaning for the word ‘incontinency’ is to be absent of the virtue in restraining the sexual appetite.
This means that married couples do not have self control when it comes to their sexual appetite. Which makes them vulnerable when Satan tempts them to commit a sexual sin simply because they are not having sexual relations regularly. Therefore, the strategic plan for married couples to win their competitions when it comes to sexual temptations is to have sexual relations regularly.
Pastor Young’s “Sexperiment” not only helped couples have a better marriage but it also helped married couples to put into practice God’s strategic plan for winning the wrestling matches of sexual temptations.


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