Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Christian Olympics Marathon

For many years it has been the Olympic Games that had the attention of the whole world for two weeks. But the corona virus pandemic came on the scene front and center which was the knock out punch postponing the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics that were supposed to begin this Friday July 24.2020 . But instead, this Friday,July 24, we are going to have a week of non stop postings on Facebook of what we envision when we watch the Olympic Games. What aspect of the games inspire you? Is it the unity of people getting together from all over the world? Does the training and discipline motivate you? What about the sports?Is there a particular sport that you can relate to?

How about the suffering?.

Let's post,have fun and there will also be Surprises and Free Giveaways.
Hopefully we will enjoy this so much that this Marathon will last to August 9, 2020 like the Olympic Games.

Start posting beginning Friday July 24-31 at

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