Saturday, October 6, 2012


What seems to be the hardest to endure in the Christian life?

Most of us are familiar with the Bible verse that says “ with endurance the race that is set before us,” taken from Hebrews 12:1. The word patience means to have the ability to wait, not be in a hurry or just to be patient with calmness and self control. The meaning is more about how we conduct ourselves. But the Greek meaning for patience in this verse is endurance or continuance, a much stronger word than patience.

Endurance means to have the power to tolerate pain and distress. To stand, remain or hold out even through suffering. Which is more about our capacity than our conduct. As we are running the marathon on our spiritual racetracks, we will go through various trials. test, and tribulations, but what seems to be the hardest to endure? As athletes train and compete they activate their endurance capabilities. What really stretches your endurance capabilities?

Make your vote count and take the Endurance Test on the right of this Blog and then post your comments to this Blog. Don’t forget to click the Follow this site button at the top of the poll when you are finished..


Yvonne Pat said...

You did not say what this poll was for and to what end. I've voted none the less.
I tried to follow but it did not work

S.E.Gregg said...

Thank you Yvonne Pat for taking the poll and leaving your comment.
And thank you for informing me about the follow button not working.I just added a Follow this site button so now you can follow.
This poll is just to answer the question:What is the hardest to endure as a Christian? You can use the blog to give an explaination to what you voted for.
Once the results are in we will be able to share with one another insights on how we endured our trials,test,and tribulations.

Lorilyn Roberts said...

I am the only one that said sinful world.

I say that because sin is the root of every other issue. If we can overcome and recognize the sin that exists, though faith in God, it helps me to realize I an not in control and to give that control to God.

Donna B said...

Life is tough whether living with our own weaknesses or with the sins of others doesn't matter. The only thing that makes it bearable is knowing that God is good, and that He is in control.

I linked to a bunch of groups. Hope you get some response!

Sheila Deeth said...

The hard things for a Christian are often the same as for a non-Christian, but we have God at our side to promise a way through. When other Christians fail to model God's presence, what's hard becomes harder, so I put problems with church as the hardest thing.

S.E.Gregg said...

I am sure that if Job voted on this poll he would pick sickness as the hardest to endure.His faith in God was tested through a long and agonizing illness.