Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Flames Have Been Lit For The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics AND THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS...........

The flames were lit for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games on October 22, 2009 in Olympia, Greece. Keeping up with an ancient tradition there was a lighting ceremony for this exciting event. Olympia is the home of the Olympic flame and it was where the ancient Olympic Games took place about 3,000 years ago. There are many references to these ancient games throughout the Bible. And the Christian life has been compared to an Olympic competition.

According to tradition, the flames are always ignited in Olympia, Greece. The sunlight is used to ignite the Olympic flame by focusing the sun on a metal reflector. After the lighting ceremony, the Olympic Torch Rely began by transporting the Olympic Flame to Athens, Greece, where the first modern games took place in 1896. It arrived in Athens on October 29 for the handover ceremony, where the Olympic Flame was handed over to the Canadians for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. In attendance was Greek's President Karolos Papoulias and Her Excellency the Right Honorable Michaƫlle Jean, who is the Governor General of Canada.

The Olympic Flame arrived in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia on October 30, which started the Canadian Olympic Torch Rely and the count down to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. The Torch Rely will run its course for the next 106 days to arrive on February 12, 2010 just in time for the Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Which is the second largest country in the world. This will be the third time that Canada will host an Olympic event. This Torch Rely is to be considered the longest in Winter Olympic history, traveling all throughout Canada.

But there is another competition known as the Christian Olympics that began over 2,000 years ago with the lighting of the flame of fire, at the divine Opening Ceremony, that still burns today. This is the longest and largest running competition in the world. The flame still burns today because there has not been a closing ceremony in order to extinguish the flame since it began. And when it will close remains a mystery, but what we do know according to the Bible, it could happen any day, any hour, any minute, any moment, at the twinkling of an eye. Until then there is still time to go for the gold.

The Christian Olympics: Going for the Gold Crowns is the unveiling of the Bible’s comparison of the Christian race to the Olympic Games. Why is the Christian life compared to the Olympics? Because Christians are in an Olympic competition too, a spiritual athletic competition such as spiritual boxing, hurdling, and wrestling. When Christians see themselves in an Olympic game, it helps them to better understand and survive the Christian life. Becoming victorious through their difficulties, hardships and the trials that they face everyday. You would be amazed how seeing your self as an Olympian will help you through your problems and circumstances. And how to be an overcomer of the temptations of the devil. Order your copy of The Christian Olympics-Going for the Gold Crowns today at:

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