Saturday, September 6, 2008

The 2008 Paralympic Games and the Christian Olympics

The 2008 Paralympic Summer Games began in Beijing, China today, September 6, 2008, at the exact place where the 2008 Summer Olympic Games were held last month. These games will end with their closing ceremony on September 17
The Paralympic Games is a competition where athletes with various disabilities compete in sporting events against each other. These athletes show a display of courage and hope that extends far beyond their physical disabilities. That no matter what their circumstances maybe it will not stop them from training, being athletically fit, and competing to win gold.
Although Paralympic Games are separate from the Olympic Games, the Christian Olympics have no such separation. Every Christian whether they are disabled, have a sickness, a handicap, and/or any type of infirmity and weakness or have the best of health and no disabilities participate in the Christian Olympics.
In The Christian Olympics:Going for the Gold Crowns, the Apostle Paul, who compared the Christian life to the Olympic Games, had an infirmity that he called a “thorn in the flesh.” The Bible does not say what is was, but it bothered Paul enough to ask God to remove it from him three times. Though Paul’s request was not granted, God gave him something better than removing the infirmity, God gave Paul His grace to replace his weakness. This grace was God’s divine strength that enabled Paul, in spite of his infirmity, to finish his race and receive crowns of gold. Read about the different crowns that he won in The Christian Olympics:Going for the Gold Crowns by S.E.Gregg


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