Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Christian Olympics Marathon

For many years it has been the Olympic Games that had the attention of the whole world for two weeks. But the corona virus pandemic came on the scene front and center which was the knock out punch postponing the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics that were supposed to begin this Friday July 24.2020 . But instead, this Friday,July 24, we are going to have a week of non stop postings on Facebook of what we envision when we watch the Olympic Games. What aspect of the games inspire you? Is it the unity of people getting together from all over the world? Does the training and discipline motivate you? What about the sports?Is there a particular sport that you can relate to?

How about the suffering?.

Let's post,have fun and there will also be Surprises and Free Giveaways.
Hopefully we will enjoy this so much that this Marathon will last to August 9, 2020 like the Olympic Games.

Start posting beginning Friday July 24-31 at

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

50th Anniversary of the Special Olympics

Today starts the 50 Anniversary of the Special Olympics,
Being the largest sports organization for adults and children with intellectual disabilities.They have recently concluded their Olympic Games in Seattle from July 1-6,2018.

The 50 Anniversary celebrations takes place this week, July 17-21,2018 in Chicago.
Each day there are special events planned.

We can learn from them that no matter what your disability may be,you still have the ability to achieve.
 Earlier this year PyeongChang,South Korea hosted the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games from March 9-18,2018.

 Which followed the 2018 Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. These games took  place from February 9 to 25, 2018.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

                  God's Grace For The Paralympians

The Paralympic Games are a multi-sport event with athletes with various ranges of disabilities, including impaired muscle power (paraplegia andquadriplegiamuscular dystrophypost-polio syndromespina bifida), impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency (amputation or dysmelia), leg length difference, short staturehypertoniaataxiaathetosisvision impairment and intellectual impairment. There are Winter and Summer Paralympic Games, are held immediately following the Olympic Games.

This year the 2016 Rio Paralympics opening ceremony began on September 8,2016 and closing ceremony on September 18,2016. And the closing ceremony was dedicated to the Iranian Para-cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad  who was killed while competiting.

Despite any disability,these athletes displayed miraculous talent to win the gold,silver and bronze medals.Even for those that did not win any medals.

Although Paralympic Games are separate from the Olympic Games, the Christian Olympics have no such separation. Every Christian whether they are disabled, have a sickness, a handicap, and/or any type of infirmity and weakness or have the best of health and no disabilities participate in the Christian Olympics.
In The Christian Olympics:Going for the Gold Crowns, the Apostle Paul, who compared the Christian life to the Olympic Games, had an infirmity that he called a “thorn in the flesh.” The Bible does not say what is was, but it bothered Paul enough to ask God to remove it from him three times. Though Paul’s request was not granted, God gave him something better than removing the infirmity, God gave Paul His grace to replace his weakness(
2 Cor.12:9)
 This grace was God’s divine strength that enabled Paul, in spite of his infirmity, to finish his race and receive crowns of gold. Read about the different crowns that he won in The Christian Olympics:Going for the Gold Crowns by S.E.Gregg

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Radio Morning Show Host Produces Audio Book

Radio Morning Show Host Produces Audio Book

Radio show host, Robert J. Shaw, produces audio book, The Christian Olympics-Going for the Gold Crowns,by S. E. Gregg.
Bobby Shaw is the co-host of the Family Friendly Morning Show, KFSH-95.9 FM,The FISH, located in Los Angeles, CA. Besides being a radio personality,he is also a voiceover artist, who studied under Nancy Wolfson, and an audio book narrator.
The Christian Olympics- Going for the Gold Crowns, by S. E. Gregg has been published in paperback,hardcover and as an ebook. The audio book narrated by Robert J. Shaw is the newest format just in time for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The Christian Olympics is the unveiling of the Bible’s comparison to the Christian race/life to the Olympics Games.
Today more than ever Christians are discouraged in their walk with God because of the multitudes of personal problems, suffering, and worldly events that have occurred. Some have given up, lost hope in their faith, and/or don’t feel that living holy lives matters anymore. But when Christians see themselves as players in an Olympic game, it gives them a new understanding and exhilaration for the Christian life, as spiritual athletes

The Christian Olympics will stir up Christians, igniting their spiritual fires to look forward to what is ahead. Readers will actually visualize themselves in a spiritual athletic competition which has never been done before in a Christian lifestyle book.
Robert J. Shaw makes the words in The Christian Olympics become alive through his narration. People can be anywhere and listen as the book is read while driving,cooking, or working out.

The audiobook for The Christian Olympics-Going for the Gold Crowns,by S. E. Gregg,is now available on for $14.95 but you can get it for free when you join the Audible trial by Amazon.